Every week we update your WordPress, plugins and themes to ensure functionality and security.

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We carry out all the necessary WordPress plugin updates weekly.

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Every week we update your WordPress, installed plugins and the theme you are using.

Before updating, we create a backup, in case something goes wrong, we immediately recover the previous version of the site.

We always check if everything is fine after the updates and if the website looks as before.

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WordPress Updates - Questions

Every week we update your WordPress – it means that in addition to the CMS itself, we also update plugins and theme on your website. Moreover, we try to perform them during low traffic hours so that they do not adversely affect the users’ and browsing experience.
Updates are not always smooth. Code in one piece of software can conflict with another, causing part of the site to fail or completely corrupt. Updates can sometimes also cause unwanted or unexpected changes to the interface of your website itself. Without closely monitoring each update, your visitors (and users) may be confused when they unexpectedly encounter a misaligned page or broken plugin functionality.

That is why at WordCare ™ we are here to monitor all updates of your WordPress and ensure its continuous and stable operation.

Each software must be constantly updated to work properly. By using tools created by trusted developers, you know that they are accountable to their software and update it regularly.
There are many reasons why WordPress developers (as well as plugins and themes) may find it appropriate to update their product’s source code.

1. Security:
The source code is very vulnerable to infiltration and infection, so you may notice frequent security updates that are released to fix bugs.

2. Performance:
Even if your website has a trusted and proven solution (plugins, theme), keep in mind that performance may degrade over time as your software (code) becomes obsolete. Therefore, performance fixes are released to ensure that the software does not have a negative impact on the speed of the site.

3. Functionality and improvements:
Any good developer will pay attention to the changing trends. As these change, it is very important that websites can constantly adapt to today’s user experience.

WordPress updates are changes made to the source code. This applies to both the WordPress CMS code and the theme or plugin.

Of course, updates can be done in a few clicks, however, we strongly recommend that you take precautions such as making a full backup of your site before performing the update and then updating on a test site.

That’s why at WordCare we perform secure updates that include a number of steps:

  1. Take a screenshot of the home page before updating
  2. Backing up in the cloud outside the server
  3. Performing the update
  4. Take a screenshot after the update
  5. Checking the operation of the site after the update
  6. Compare screenshots
  7. Checking the functionality of the website after updating and removing any errors

It’s easy! We respect your time, therefore we have tried to simplify this process as much as possible. Simply choose a plan on our website and subscribe. Then our team of experts will contact you and guide you step by step through the onboarding process.

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Safe and secure updates of WordPress, theme, and plugins.

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