Your website loading speed is of great importance to Google. Higher search engine positions mean higher profits for you.

WordPress Speed Optimization 🚀

Why is it worth it?

We create a regularly updated version of your website cache, which allows you to display content to users much faster.

Preloading links improves perceived load time by downloading the page upon user hovering over it.

We regularly remove redundant data in the database, post revisions, drafts and SPAM comments to keep your website loading smoothly today and tomorrow.

We move files such as JavaScript, CSS, Font Awesome and Google Fonts where they won’t affect the loading time of visual elements for visitors.

We use lossless compression to reduce the size of the images and load them faster. Additionally, we enable automatic compression for new files in the future.

We enable Gzip compression straight from the place where your website files are located. This means faster site loading times and more satisfied visitors.

We optimize and compress CSS code and JS scripts, which allows browsers to read data from the website faster.

If your server/hosting is not as efficient as you expect, we will recommend a new provider and take care of the website migration for free.

WordPress speed up improves your results on Google

Optimizing WordPress and WooCommerce brings you profits. For Google, the speed of loading the website is important. A quickly loading site is ranked higher, so that more potential customers visit your website or online store.

Before optimization

One of our customers’ store was loading in almost 9 seconds.

optymalizacja WordPress

After optimization

After our optimization work, it now needs just over 1 second!

optymalizacja strony WordPress
fast loading
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Free premium plugins for WordPress optimization

For you – free of charge.

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We have answers to your questions

WordPress Speed Optimization - Questions

With hours of manual optimization work and premium plugins that we offer for free as part of our care plans, we get results fast enough to positively impact the sites we manage.

  1. When starting the cooperation, our team conducts an audit of your website, so we can create and implement a unique action plan for your website to significantly reduce the loading time.
  2. The optimization process takes about 7-14 days to make sure that your website is working properly because optimization is a procedure that directly interferes with the source code of your website.
  3. During the process, if our team believes it can help your site, they will suggest additional solutions such as better hosting (migration is free) or a suitable CDN. An expert will discuss the recommended actions with you. We also make sure your website runs fast all the time as optimizing your website speed is one thing, but keeping it fast loading in the long run is a real revolution.

We provide you with free access to premium WP Rocket and Smush Pro plugins, and this gives you professional website optimization and image compression on your website.

Yes of course! We have been working with various hosting service providers for quite some time.

We look after many websites that use our preferred suppliers, so we can ensure that by choosing one of them you will be satisfied with the quality, customer service and focus on speed.

Most importantly, our preferred hosting providers provide free migrations.

We are happy to recommend a provider to meet the specific needs of your websites. When you sign up with a new hosting provider, we’ll work with them and oversee the migration to keep it running smoothly and with no downtime.

Once the migration process is complete, we will manage your hosting environment to make sure your website is up and running quickly and reliably.

While our goal is to always achieve a load time of less than 1 second, we never make general promises about the load times of the sites we manage. Everyone who makes such promises just wants to sell you their services, but their quality may leave a lot to be desired.

Even so, most sites that they manage loads in less than 2 seconds, which is Google’s recommended load time.

Every WordPress site is different, so depending on different aspects of your website, you may not be able to achieve a load time of less than 2 seconds. For example, this might be the case if your site is hosted on shared hosting (along with 10,000 other sites) and has 30 Google Ads ads, it is likely to be slow.

On the other hand, if you follow our experts’ advice, achieving a loading time of less than 2 seconds should not be a problem, while balancing your marketing needs and elements that support the increase in traffic and sales on your website.

We provide WordPress and WooCommerce speed optimization services only to people and companies who want to speed up their website and maintain its loading speed for a long time.

One-time WordPress speed optimization can now help your site load faster, but since your site will certainly change over the next weeks and months, it may slow down again unless someone keeps optimizing it for speed.

We are happy to work with you to manage your website speed not only today and tomorrow, but also in the future.

It’s easy! We respect your time, therefore we have tried to simplify this process as much as possible. Simply choose a plan on our website and subscribe. Then our team of experts will contact you and guide you step by step through the onboarding process.

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Give your online customers a fast website. Let us make your website faster so that customers will love its loading speed.

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Your site is checked 1440 times a day. We know first when it is not available.

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Your own support team to make changes and upgrades to your site.

Weekly Updates

We update the active theme, plugins and WordPress core every week.

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Speeding up your WordPress site can increase sales.

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