We perform a backup of your website every day.

WordPress Backup and Restoral Service ☁️

Daily backups stored in the Amazon S3 Cloud.

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We create incremental backups of your website every day. They are saved in the secure Amazon S3 cloud.

We are able to perform a full backup of your website several times a day.

We use advanced tools, so we are able to minimize the time needed to recover data.

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WordPress Cloud Backups - Questions

Your WordPress site is a collection of files, software, and databases placed on a server. A backup copy is a copy of all the elements that make up your website. This copy is kept in a safe place – Amazon S3 infrastructure.

Hackers, code bugs, human error.
WordPress sites are exposed to many threats and therefore require a high level of protection.

What happens when your Website goes offline, is hijacked, or data is corrupted or lost? Can you afford to start from scratch?

Backups can save your website and are useful for many reasons:

1. Security:
Backups are a very important part of a WordPress security strategy when, for example, your website has been damaged or hacked.

Therefore, it is very important to store backups off-site to restore your site and remove infections.

2. Problem with updating:
Every time you update your WordPress, theme or plugin, you run the risk of something going wrong. Updates are an essential part of keeping your website safe and fast, but that doesn’t mean they won’t harm you.

Plugin conflicts due to erroneous source code or incorrect updates can quickly block your website or even access to it. Restoring a page from a backup can quickly get it back to work properly.

3. Human error
Human error must always be considered. Just one line of wrong code can damage a fragment of the website or cause the display of the so-called White Screen of Death. Backups save you a ton of time and instead of spending that time troubleshooting the problem, you can restore your site faster for your visitors.

The process is fully automated and all backups are securely stored on Amazon S3 Cloud servers.

Importantly, restoring WordPress from a backup requires one click, and our team will do it for you when the need arises.

Your hosting provider can also do backups, but is that enough? Remember that these copies will still be on the server where your site is located.

There are also WordPress backup and restore plugins, but what if you can’t access the WordPress Admin Dashboard? The process of restoring your site can then be much longer, and this can cost you time, money and reputation.

Therefore, we can take care of backups that can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster.

It’s easy! We respect your time, therefore we have tried to simplify this process as much as possible. Simply choose a plan on our website and subscribe. Then our team of experts will contact you and guide you step by step through the onboarding process.

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