Andrzej Gdula

SMARTY Mockups - Customer Story

Andrzej Gdula

SMARTY Mockups

I came to WordCare ™ after quite long and tiring hits in another company that takes care of WordPress websites.

Why Andrzej is with us?

Response time

I really like the quick exchange of e-mails with WordCare. It is known that there are matters that can be dealt with faster, and some of them take a while, but I like that I am informed on a regular basis and the answers reach me in a short time.


Because I care about the security of my sites, after a while I gave WordCare another page that was even more vulnerable to attacks. Since then, the site is also properly secured, so I did not have a problem with viruses.

Emergency help

Let's agree that WordPress and WooCommerce website maintenance is sometimes troublesome. Defects that appear are quickly removed by the support team, whom I greet. They always understand and patiently approach the client who is always not working.


Communication is hassle-free and takes place via the Customer Panel or directly via e-mail. Therefore, I have access to my active and archived submissions. I can always come back to them, and thanks to this, their service is more efficient due to the preserved history.

Ongoing support

This is probably the most important thing to have support and constant support in a company that looks after my websites and maintains them on a regular basis. I do not have to worry about updates that sometimes cause problems, but only deal with the sale and service of my clients.


I trusted WordCare and that is why after some time I moved another website under their wing. I was interested in an indefinite contract, thanks to which I did not have to bind myself for a year or longer. It is very important, especially nowadays.

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