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No long term contracts.

Speed Optimization

Give your online customers a fast website. Let us make your website faster so that customers will love its loading speed.

& Malware Removal

We will make your website very resistant to attacks, bots and hackers. Even if a virus appears - we will remove it for free.

Unlimited Emergency Support

We help in emergency situations when your site is down or customers can't place an order. We do not limit it.

Ongoing WordPress Maintenance

Maintained sites are much less prone to crashes, errors and malware. Minimize the risk of vulnerability to attacks and security problems.

Daily Malware Scan

We scan your website every day to make sure that it is not attacked by malware and contains no plugin vulnerabilities.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Your site is checked 1440 times a day. We know first when it is not available.

Website Edits

Your own support team to make changes and upgrades to your site.

Weekly Updates

We update the active theme, plugins and WordPress core every week.

Daily Cloud Backups

We create incremental backups to the secure Amazon S3 cloud.

WordCare reviews & customer stories

What do our clients say about us?

Weekly Report

As part of the care plan, you will receive a weekly report from us.


Plugin, theme and WordPress updates, 24/7 website monitoring, backups, WooCommerce sales data, Google Analytics data.

We have answers to your questions

Frequently asked questions

With hours of manual optimization work and premium plugins that we offer for free as part of our care plans, we get results fast enough to positively impact the sites we manage.

  1. When starting the cooperation, our team conducts an audit of your website, so we can create and implement a unique action plan for your website to significantly reduce the loading time.
  2. The optimization process takes about 7-14 days to make sure that your website is working properly because optimization is a procedure that directly interferes with the source code of your website.
  3. During the process, if our team believes it can help your site, they will suggest additional solutions such as better hosting (migration is free) or a suitable CDN. An expert will discuss the recommended actions with you. We also make sure your website runs fast all the time as optimizing your website speed is one thing, but keeping it fast loading in the long run is a real revolution.

We provide you with free access to premium WP Rocket and Smush Pro plugins, and this gives you professional website optimization and image compression on your website.

It’s easy! We respect your time, therefore we have tried to simplify this process as much as possible. Simply choose a plan on our website and subscribe. Then our team of experts will contact you and guide you step by step through the onboarding process.

Our subscriptions are as simple to pay for as a Netflix subscription. When ordering, you provide your payment card details, which will be automatically charged monthly until canceled. You don’t have to worry about payments!

Oh, yes, and it is a pleasure to do so!

We can do any development and manage the content and graphics on your website or add new blog entries.

We give you a certain number of hours a month to use for all content and graphics management. Development / design services are billed hourly.


We do not charge our clients with any additional fee for preparing the website for care.

Of course! In this case, we designed the Custom care plan to fully take care of individual or modified solutions on your website.

No, you don’t need!

We work with almost all hosting companies. If you do not want to change the current provider, we will take care of your website on the existing hosting.

However, if you want to speed up your website, one of the extremely important elements is fast and efficient hosting. Ask us for a free migration to a faster and more effective solution.

Emergency support service is needed when your site goes down unexpectedly. There may be errors in the WordPress code, plugins or the active theme. Websites are also hacked constantly!

You may not know what caused the failure, which is why our care plan is crucial to your website.

We try to be proactive instead of just reacting after an incident, so we can also comprehensively take care of the safety and performance of your WordPress or WooCommerce so that emergencies do not happen at all.

However, if something goes wrong, our team takes emergency situations very seriously and we focus on fast communication, explaining the problem and how to eliminate it.

Of course! We support all WordPress based eCommerce as part of the Performance care plan and above.

Our tool pings (checks) your website(s) every minute every day.

This tool monitors your website for error 400/500. If so, our team learns about the issue and begins troubleshooting during business hours to help resolve it as quickly as possible.

Oh, yes!

Just sign up for a care plan (Secure +) and our team:

  • scan the site
  • clear out all malware and check your website for any vulnerable areas (themes and/or plugins with known vulnerabilities).
  • create a security setup to harden your website to protect against future attacks
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