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Marta Koczara

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They solve problems quickly and suggest the best solutions. And most importantly, they have great patience with their customers 🙂

Why Marta is with us?

Response time

I am pleasantly surprised how quickly WordCare responds to my requests. As I read on the website before starting cooperation, it is true - WordCare responds to applications efficiently and without undue delay, which has a positive effect on our cooperation.


Our store stores customer data, so it was necessary to strengthen the security. I receive reports and statistics every week. I have ongoing security control as WordCare scans your site for viruses every day.


After a month of cooperation, we handed over WordCare to our second platform for business clients. Currently, WordCare is our proven technical partner, whom we can entrust our websites to, and we can deal with the sale of our accessories for kids.


Communication with WordCare is very efficient and, most importantly, they have great patience with their customers 🙂 I understand what they are writing to me, because they do not use complicated IT nomenclature, but they write clearly and explain incomprehensible topics.

Ongoing support

I like that WordCare simultaneously administers and maintains my site to keep everything up-to-date, but also helps me grow my store. I have a few hours a month at my disposal, which I can also use for other development works.

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