Dorota Daniłowicz

Górna Półka - Customer Story

Dorota Daniłowicz

Górna Półka

Huge professionalism. Great customer approach and quick response time to requests.

Why Dorota is with us?

Response time

Responses to notifications reach our inbox very quickly, which greatly facilitates the efficient implementation of changes, corrections and elimination of problems related to the website. It often happens that our application is resolved on the same day, which we are very pleased with.


The security of our data and customer data is a very important aspect that we have to deal with in our online store. Fortunately, WordCare takes care of everything with the right configuration, firewall and daily site scanning.

Emergency help

We contacted WordCare when our website was struggling with a technical issue making it difficult to place orders. At the beginning of our cooperation with WordCare, the support department immediately solved the problem and now they solve the current problems as they arise.


The support department is a friendly, patient and helpful team. They always show us how to solve the problem, regardless of whether it is a simple change or a much more complicated one that requires programming work. It makes work much easier!

Ongoing support

Our store is constantly developing, which means that the website is associated with more and more challenges. It's good to have a company that runs our sites. It is very profitable to delegate care to an external company with appropriate tools and knowledge, while we can focus on the business.


After several months of cooperation, we decided to transfer our second site to WordCare. Our store is very popular and has many views per month, so we were looking for a technical partner who would take care of the care in a professional manner.

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