Anna Piątek

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Anna Piątek

AMP Consulting

I think I can safely say that WordCare saved my website.

Why does Anna is with us?

Response time

The response time to inquiries deserves great praise - sometimes just a few minutes! The website of my office is a showcase of my tax office, so any changes must be made relatively quickly. It definitely works here.


I think I can safely say that WordCare saved my website. I had a problem with viruses (despite security), which the IT specialist at the time could not cope with. WordCare has secured the site and is constantly monitoring it by sending me weekly reports.

Emergency help

So far, there have been no major failures of the website (which I am very happy), but sometimes I sent inquiries to the support department and always received a specific answer. I believe that I can always count on their support.


WordCare is not one of those companies where I have to ask for an answer and I don't know when I will get it. Communication is very efficient and sometimes I get answers to my inquiries within a few minutes. This is how it should be.

Ongoing support

I run a tax office and my website is an important element of cooperation with clients. Thanks to WordCare, I can see that I entrusted it to Professionals with a capital P, and I can deal with accounting and tax matters, and not the technical aspect of my website.


I chose WordCare, in a way, because nobody here obliged me to sign a long-term contract. Therefore, when signing it, I knew that when I was not satisfied, I could terminate it at any time, but I am and definitely recommend WordCare!

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